#14 Steve Pekar – Dropped 100 lbs with the Ketogenic Diet

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December 3, 2017
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December 9, 2017

#14 Steve Pekar – Dropped 100 lbs with the Ketogenic Diet

Followers of the ketogenic diet love an Instagram favorite and all around fun guy, Steve Pekar aka keto_pek. Steve has an amazing success story, but it hasn’t always been Bacon and Butter (on top of his steak of course).

For many years, Steve suffered from a food addiction. The weight packed on each year. Then he found the ketogenic diet, and started enjoying his favorite food: steak. Steve became determine to be get healthy and lose the excess weight.

Steve recently celebrated his 100# ketoversary and did so in 11 months! He celebrated each month’s ups and downs, determined to keep the end game in mind and not give up.

Hear his full story on iTunes or the link above and follow him on Instagram @keto_pek



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