12 Months of Menopause – a Song for YOU – Symptoms of Menopause

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12 Months of Menopause – a Song for YOU – Symptoms of Menopause


The symptoms of menopause are vast and include itchy, bitchy, sleepy, weepy, bloated, forgetful, psycho, and all dried up.

This little ditty will hopefully give you a laugh…especially on day 12!

(YES, I know I am off tune. My singing lessons didn’t work out so well)

Sometimes we just need a good laugh and to poke fun, today’s video does just that.

I often get the question, “Does Menopause cause weight gain?” My standard answer is it brings a lot more than that!

Hormone hell is a reality, hot flashes, weight gain during menopause, mood swings, and more. This song is based on the symptoms of menopause: Itchy, Bitchy, Sleep, Weepy, Bloated, Forgetful, Psycho and All Dried Up.

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