# 26 Deanna Ayala – Lost Baby Weight

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February 13, 2018

# 26 Deanna Ayala – Lost Baby Weight

Born and raised in Northern California, Dee Ayala now lives in Hawaii with her husband, Ed and 4 of their 5 children, with the eldest living on his own. Dee and Ed own a salsa & guacamole business, Flavor of Ayala. On top of running a business, Dee manages to keep up with the house, kids, her fitness & new upcoming business ventures.

After many failed attempts at finding a healthy way of eating that worked for lowering/maintaining weight, Dee’s husband came upon a YouTube video of Jason Wittrock expressing how to lose weight by eating butter & bacon. Dee took off from there. After only a couple of days of research, the keto lifestyle was implemented. This is where Dee’s Keto journey began. She has found a sense of unbelievably true happiness, added confidence and set out to take risks & challenges she would have never thought of doing.


Both Dee & Ed have became so passionate about keto, health & fitness, they are now looking into opening a gym in the town they live in. They have already helped several of their friends & family get started. Feeling the need to help other & educate them about the keto way of life & all the amazing benefits that come with it gives them motivation to dream bigger then they ever imagined.

To contact Dee, see below:

Instagram @ketonedmom

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KeTonedMom/



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