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Dr. Oz Show – America Got Obese Because They Gave Up Bread – REALLY?
January 25, 2018
#24 Tracee Talks – Healing the Gut, Poop, MicroBiome and Food Sensitivities
January 31, 2018

How to Heal Your Gut – Poop Talk

Everyone is talking about gut health these days. In this video, we explore simple ways to heal your gut. This is my first priority in health these days, in my goal to age younger.


First off, you need to find the problems. What is causing damage to your gut and what is the state of your current microbiome.

With the first test, we look for foods that may be causing an inflammatory response. I did a 95 blood spot food test to discover what foods were creating a problem in my body. You can also do a stool test (yes I said we were talking about poop) or an elimination diet. More information here:

The other test is called Smart Gut. This is another poop test, and it evaluates whether you have harmful pathogens in your gut, and if you have the healthy bacteria to help your gut.


Next you need to heal your gut, by eliminating the offenders. Ditch the foods that you have a sensitivity to and add in probiotics, enzymes, and fermented foods. I use these Probiotics and Enzymes.


Third, check in and see how you are feeling. Are you bloating? How is your poop? Take a look at this Bristol Cart below and evaluate it.


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