Blog, Brand, and Find Your Nitch!!!

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Blog, Brand, and Find Your Nitch!!!

The world is at our feet with the internet! So how do we do that?

Step one is your blog! This is your little home on the internet, so you want to make it look like you! Mine has my favorite colors: pink and orange, a mountain biker, and a yoga girl. At the top you create categories of the topics you want to blog about. You can also create capture pages on your home screen or side bar, advertising programs you are affiliated with. The group who set up my blog has taught me so many tricks with Internet Marketing and the community inside is fabulous and oh so helpful!

While building your blog you will want to define your brand. Who are you? What are you passionate about? What audience do you want to speak to and resonate with naturally? I worked with an amazing branding coach to figure our my brand and she continues to teach me a lot about internet marketing every week. My brand is High Energy Girl and I have developed a Health Coaching Group called High Energy Coaching Circle.

Who is your audience? Who are you talking to? Well look in the mirror and see who will be attracted to you. Like attracts like… who would naturally be connected with you? For me, it’s wither Stay at Home Moms or Health Coaches. That is who I target my information to and my niche.

Next make sure you have profiles on all the major social networking platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest…… Create profiles that are detailed and share who you are. Be open and real. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t…they will see right through you!

Join groups on Facebook and LinkedIn of people who you will resonate with. Then start blogging. It’s easy on our platform to create one blog post and then share it with all your platforms. Create value by sharing information
and knowledge that your audience will want to hear. Engage and build rapport with people and watch your business grow!



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