Choices – The Compound Effect

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Choices – The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy wrote this book, The Compound Effect. I HIGHLY recommend you reading it.

My best synopsis is: Our life is a series of choices that we make daily that add up to a large outcome.

Think about it: When you eat an extra 100 calories in a given day, no big deal. The needle on the scale won’t budge and you won’t see the effect of those 100 calories. But if you do it every day, that equals 700 calories a week or 36500 a year. This equals over 10 pounds of extra fat if you are not adding exercise to burn it off.

Oftentimes, people tell me that they have gained about 10 pounds a year and over a few years, it starts adding up. Now they have 30, 40, 50 pounds or more they need to lose.

You can use this same equation for fitness, money, and growing a business. Figure out what small actions you can do daily that over time will add up to a positive result. Maybe it’s exercise everyday, or put a small amount of money, or doing personal growth, or making those calls that you are putting off.

What small changes can you create in your daily  life to create a better outcome for your future?



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