#16 Ashley James – Healed PCOS and Has a Baby

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#16 Ashley James – Healed PCOS and Has a Baby

The Healing Power of Raw Egg Yolks

Ashley James, host of the podcast Learn True Health healed her PCOS with raw egg yolks and the ketogenic diet. She and her husband were blessed to have a baby boy.

After suffering with PCOS and not being able to conceive, Ashley consulted a Naturopath and was told to boost her intake of cholesterol. Specifically, both she and her husband were to eat a dozen of raw egg yolks every day.

Even though this was not an easy task, it worked, and she got her period back, became pregnant and is now blessed with a son.

Ashley follows a ketogenic diet and has the BEST chocolate ice cream/pudding recipe

This recipe is full of healthy fats and low on carbs, so it will satisfy that sweet tooth and not throw you out of ketosis.

Ashley’s Mission

Ashley has been coaching since 1999 and and loves helping her clients easily achieve their health, wealth and life goals! She is on a mission to change lives all around the world by ending ANXIETY!

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