KetoCon – Keto for Cancer

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KetoCon – Keto for Cancer


The absolute highlight of KetoCon for me was Alison Gannett who healed her cancer with a therapeutic ketogenic diet. You can take a listen here:


2013 – giant tumor found in her brain. Prognosis – 1 year with radiation and high doses of chemo

She was vegan and eating low fat with steamed veggies

Her doctor, Dr Nasha Winters @ Optimal Terrain Consulting, told her to eat tons of fat and tons of vegetables with a little protein aka

Each person and each cancer is different. Focus on root cause.

Cancer = mitochondria + inflammation

Cancer loves sugar and carbs, because carbs break down into sugar.

Makes ice cream with Lacanto and eats chocolate everyday

85% fat, 5% TOTAL carbs, 10% protein. Must track your macros.

Eats about 2-3 cups of fat per day, about 216-320 grams. Must do in order to have good scans. Eat a variety of different fats.

Tracking and testing ketones is imperative.

TOTAL carbs because everyone digests fiber differently.

Tests blood and breath ketones.

Eat rainbow of veggies everyday. Polyphenols. Eat a variety, change at every meal.

Pay attention to IGF-1. If over 100, no dairy.

Track CRP, lactate dehydrogenase ESR sedimentation rate. If these are high, people are cancering.

We all have cancer cells, but whether they form a tumor, is the difference.

Too much athletics create too much inflammation. Need balance.

Epigenetics – markers are modified with keto. Apoptosis is cell death and regulated with keto.

Dropped cortisol in half with meditation and heart math. Stress drives up sugars.

Labs will reflect organic vegetables and conventional meats/dairy food consumption.

Vitamin D goal is between 80 and 120, the driver of everything.

Cancer loves high ferritin. If over 100, give blood every 3 months.

Microbiome is very important.

Unfiltered water affected her liver enzymes for 5 months.

The more fat Alison ate, the more the estrogen was released out of her breasts and uterus. See the scans below. The red and yellow is estrogen.

Top is 1 cup of fat a day, bottom is 2.5 cups of fat. The more fat you eat, it opens up fat cells and allows estrogen to come out of your body through the urine.

Also had PCOS, keto took this  away as well.

EMT – tapping worked well for relieving stress.

Alison’s keto diet is very tasty!

Estrogenic Cancer’s love plastic and blood sugar.

Find her at

Please share her story with people you know who are suffering.





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