World’s Toughest Job – Happy Mother’s Day

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May 7, 2014
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July 14, 2014

World’s Toughest Job – Happy Mother’s Day

A couple weeks ago, my youngest son shared a video on my Facebook wall…..something he NEVER does! So of course, i had to watch it right away! And here it is…..grab the kleenex!

Of course after watching this I cried. For many reasons actually! One because he loves me enough to not only watch the video, but to share it on my wall. And two, because I was thinking about my Mom!

She has been caring for my brother who incurred a brain injury in 1998 and has been living with her and my amazing step dad ever since. My brother cannot talk, suffers partial paralysis on his right side, and cannot administer self care. Hence, they have to bathe him, shave him, and even wipe his butt! They both deserve a special place in heaven for this feat and have the world’s toughest job!

Now I must also admit, that my mom and I don’t always get along….but that is not what I am focusing on here. No matter how crazy our moms may drive us at times, or how frustrated we may be with them, they are only doing the best they know how. AND they love us more than anyone else can ever love us.Unless of course, you REALLY pissed her off some how!

Please take this day, no matter how Hallmark it is, and call your mom, take her to lunch, send her a card, enjoy a pedicure with her, or if your mom is in heaven, say a special blessing to her and send her your love; know that she is loving you and with you in spirit!



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