#12 Tracee Talks – Bonus Episode – Q & A…..and About Me

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November 22, 2017
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#12 Tracee Talks – Bonus Episode – Q & A…..and About Me

In this episode, Tracee answers some questions, talks about her crazy dieting history, and her keto journey.

She also shares 2 women who have inspired her to lift heavy and her personal goals to help others.

Willie Murphy:



Ernestine Shepherd:


When she started last year, she was at 160, her highest ever, not being pregnant. Today she is at 142 and getting close to her “goal” of about 137, or so. Tracee doesn’t really have a number she is shooting for, more like a pinch test and no more muffin top goal!

Here is a link to my ebook and keto cheat sheet http://bit.ly/2zKtR6R

Please let her know how she can support you in your health journey!

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