Probiotics – Healthy Habit #7

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August 20, 2017
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August 20, 2017

Probiotics – Healthy Habit #7

Recently, after getting my results from the food sensitivity test, I realized I needed to be more rigorous in taking probiotics and eating fermented foods. The foods that I loved to eat, didn’t love me back and I was at risk for developing leaky gut.

Not really sure why this happened, as I thought i was eating fairly healthy. But through the years I have been known, in the past,  to take antibiotics, drink diet coke, eat sugar and gluten, and drink too much wine.Lately, the only thing that remains is the wine….

So, now it is time to heal the damage. Not only from the foods, which I have been doing for the last month, but now from the candida.  By taking probiotics and eating fermented foods, I am putting healthy bacteria strains back in my body.Since I am not a big fan of fermented foods, I have been doing lots of taste testing and have come up with some I can tolerate.

First on the list is Bubbies Dill Pickles. These are in th refrigerated section of your local grocery store, near the deli meats. The way you can tell they are fermented is they are made with salt, and not vinegar, like most pickles. My second favorite is the ginger kimchi pictured.I honestly hate and gag on most Kimchi, but this flavor is incredible.

For Probiotics, you want the most CFU’s and variety of strains possible The one I show in the video, is 50 billion CFU’s but I just ordered one with 100 billion and like 37 different strains. Will keep you posted on my thoughts.

I am also eating prebiotic foods such as cinnamon, onion garlic, and jicama. These will be the fertilizer to grow those healthy bacteria and help them to flourish.

This regime is working pretty well, i think, but now I need to fix the candida problem. Bite the bullet and give up my beloved wine, for awhile. Like  my favorite foods, this is a temporary sacrifice for a long term gain.

In 5 months, I will take the food sensitivity test again  and see how these habits are working for my gut health. Stay tuned!

Tell me about your gut protocol. What seems to be working for you?



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