LOVE Yourself this Valentines Day and Beyond!

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LOVE Yourself this Valentines Day and Beyond!

Today is Valentines Day, the classic day of celebrating L O V E. Have you ever thought of how you can love better? Who you should love most? How to be a more loving Spouse? Parent? Child? or Friend? Well I will give you a hint……look in the mirror.

Go ahead, right now, look in the mirror, or just stop reading this. Better yet, grab a handheld mirror and look at yourself while you read.

Look in the mirror for 5 minutes. Set the timer and just stare at yourself. Starting with your hair, your forehead, the wrinkles if you have any, your eyelashes, eyelids. Look deep into your eyes, notice the pattern on your cornea, the colors, the whites of your eyes, are they clear? Look at your nose, your cheeks, your lips, your teeth, smile at yourself, frown…which do you like better. Look at your teeth, your ears. Do you know why God gave us two ears and one mouth? So we listen more than we talk. Listen to your breath, to your inner voice. What are you telling yourself? Love yourself and how you were uniquely created as nobody looks just like you. And, you are beautiful! My mission is to help you realize this fact and to celebrate it!

Now step back and look at your body with love. It is your temple! It is the only true home you will live in for all your days on the earth. See your neck that holds up that heavy head. Your shoulders and arms that give great hugs.  Look at your hands that are so important to all your daily tasks. Look at your chest which holds your heart and your tummy. My tummy grew three babies inside of it, what a special place that is. Look at your legs that support you on your adventure through life. Look at your feet, which hold you up as you walk through the days.

Does that give you a new perspective… all? I hope so because if you are walking around all day, thinking negative thoughts about yourself, how can you effectively think positive of another? If you are feeling bad about the person you are, how can you feel good about someone else? So much of the time we spend in negative self talk, let me ask you, how does that make you feel?

Oftentimes I catch myself living in my head, stressing out, or mulling my to do list, and I realize at those moments, I am not living in real life. Other times, I am the bully in the mirror, looking at my wrinkles, gray hairs (roots only of course), saggy skin and menopot, and wondering when did I get so old, what happened to my face? And at these times I realize I am not practicing Self Love. Just being a grumpy critical biotch!

When is the last time you treated yourself to something self indulgent, just for you? When is the last time you had a killer massage? taken a wonderful nap? read a good book for hours and hors? slept in really late? taken a hot bath with bubbles and candles? without thinking about any one else’s wants? How did it make you feel?

1 Corinthians 13 is probably the most popular chapter in the bible and is quoted frequently at weddings, and what does it say? “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.” So why are we not kind to ourself? OR why do we envy someone else who may have something we may want (savings account, figure, job)? Are they not suffering too?

So my message to you is to take some time while you are busy loving and serving others today, and LOVE YOURSELF! What will you do for yourself this weekend?

How about making some yummy strawberries dipped in hot chocolate? Check these babies out! So yummy and good for you too! Dipped in Dark Chocolate and Coconut butter 🙂





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