How to Overcome a SetBack!

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May 4, 2015
Knee Surgery Update
May 22, 2015

How to Overcome a SetBack!

Ten days ago I had knee surgery ON BOTH KNEES…..yes call me crazy! But the doctor said he would do both his knees at once if he were going under the knife, so I thought what the heck?

It’s been a long time coming. My left knee got injured last summer, mountain biking. And my right knee has been swollen and in pain for seven months…hurt it teaching either Zumba or Senior Aerobics (easy zumba). I needed to fix both of these babies to move on, ya know!

The left knee wasn’t all that bad, clean up the torn meniscus and yay, the swelling is mostly down. But the right knee had both a torn meniscus and they had to do something called a lateral release. This is where the cut the lateral knee tendon (IT Band? maybe?) and move the knee cap inward. This baby is still killing me, swollen like a cantaloupe, and I am still on crutches.

Talk about a SetBack!

In a short 6 months, I will be turning the big FIVE-O and really wanted to be in the best shape of my life. All I have been thinking is “guess THAT’s not gonna happen”…and then I remembered this quote:

That is my new focus, my come back…proving to myself that my philosophy works and that I don’t have to go on some chew your arm, off deprivation diet to get toned and fit again. I had put on about 10 pounds since getting injured, and once I am healed it is time to whip it in shape. But for now, I must allow my body to rest and heal itself.

How do I do this? Listen to what my body needs…rest, hydration, ice, naps, healthy food, physical therapy, and walking with crutches.  Heck, I even read a 448 page book in 9 days. That never happens here! Healing is imperative and necessary to Set Up the Come Back!

I don’t focus on the pain, or the smooshy muscles, or the things I can’t do. I don’t weigh myself, at all, ever. No, I focus on doing the things I NEVER get to do, enjoying the down time. And I am creating my come back plan.

When my body is ready, I will focus on getting strong again. Focus on my goals and dreams, and be in a good place on Nov 10th!

I can do this….and so can YOU!

What setback are you wanting to overcome? What goals do you want to achieve?



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