No Fricken Weigh – Intro

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December 12, 2014
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January 30, 2015

No Fricken Weigh – Intro

This is NOT a Diet Book.

Front cover

Front cover

This is NOT a Fitness Book.

With the millions of these kinds of programs on the market, everyone should be thin, fit and happy. Yet, we still have an obesity epidemic!  There is something missing, something that keeps us from applying what we should already know. This is why I aim to close the gap.

If you ever:

  • lost weight & gained it back
  • deprived yourself on a diet
  • have weighed yourself more than once a day
  • eaten crappy food when you weren’t hungry
  • wanted to be skinny
  • let the scale control your mood for the day
  • wanted a permanent solution

then this book is for you!

You are probably wondering how this book is going to help you and why is it different from all of the 107,549 diet books listed on Amazon.

Most “diet books” are based on deprivation, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, don’t drink this, low-cal, low fat, paleo, vegan, and that simply doesn’t work for me. And quite frankly, if it did work, everyone would be skinny already and the obesity epidemic would be over.

No Fricken Weigh! is going to teach you is how to “crowd out the crap”, by filling your body with all kinds of wonderful foods and nourishing self-care.

Instead of starving your way to health, you will eat more than you may be eating already, build your metabolism so you burn more while sleeping, and never feel the need to chew your arm off.

Since there are 21 days to make a new habit, we will have 21 ways to love yourself with self-care and 21 fantastic foods to fill your body with.

Sprinkled throughout the book are motivational quotes, in no particular order. I just LOVE a good quote to chew on everyday and hope they inspire you as well!

So let’s dig in and get started….but first a bit about me…..

Who the Heck is Tracee?

(how can she help me?)

I have been on every diet you can think about. Starting when I was about 8 years old and not overweight, I remember always wanting to be skinny and eating Atkins with my chronically dieting, overweight parents who were always on one plan or another.

Suffering on Cambridge, Herbalife, Diet Center, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Beverly Hills Diet, the Zone, Southbeach, Cabbage Soup, and I even tried Hypnosis.  The crazy thing was, I was never really overweight.

I basically hate dieting. And cannot stick to any deprivation, starvation, restrictive, program no matter what!

As I mentioned, this book is not about a “diet”, this is a lifestyle program to “Ditch the Diet and Crowd out the Crap”

When a certain program tells you what not to eat, what’s the first thing you want to do? Eat it!

When on a low carb program, what do you crave? Carbs! How about low fat diets? We crave fat? (and we don’t poo)

Our bodies need all of the food groups to thrive, except junk food of course!

We are Bio Individual! Our bodies are all different. Our issues with food are not the same. What we need to do is heal our relationships with ourselves, with our bodies, and with our food.

Draw the line in the sand and decide this is it! You deserve to be happy, confident, have more energy, and love your life!

Trust me and know that I too have struggled with food and my weight all my life. On my quest for skinny, I jacked up my metabolism really bad! Rebuilding it by working out with weights and eating lots of clean food has been a journey; a journey you are about to go on yourself!

Fast forward through my tumultuous teenage years, I got married, and had kids. It was the best time of my life; I loved being pregnant so I could eat whatever I wanted. Heck I was going to get fat anyways, may as well enjoy it. Gained about 35-40 lbs. each time and always lost it easily. I loved raising my 3 little boys. And yes…

  • I was the Mom who took her kids to collect every Happy Meal Toy in the collection
  • I was addicted to Diet Coke and let my kids drink soda
  • I used to love Taco Bell bean burritos
  • I fed my kids Tony’s pizza, mac n cheese, and most other crappy foods!
  • I could power through a whole box of red vines, milk duds, or a large movie popcorn

I had many bad habits – but will not bore you with ALL my dirty laundry!

Breaking bad habits isn’t easy, but it was all worth it!

Scale obsession was a real deal for me. If my weight was higher than I wanted I was usually down in the dumps, feeling fat and obsessing over it. Vowing to starve myself that day & exercising twice. If my weight was lower, it often would be Carte Blanche and a trip to Fro Yo.

Finally in a desperate measure to save my sanity, I decided to throw the scale away…only to be stopped by my hubby who enjoyed stepping on it daily as well. He is equally obsessed but not emotionally attached so I guess it works for him.

The whole game changed when I started reading about nutrition. When I completed my nutrition studies, I received my certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Then I got certified to be a Personal Trainer too. Now I can help people with food and fitness!

You see, I have always loved fitness, just had no clue how important nutrition was. And now I know it is the most important component to our health!

P.S. There are writing exercises scattered in the book. So purchase a notebook to keep all your writing together instead of scattered on scrap paper. And do yourself a favor, take a break, put the book down and simply complete the exercises.

This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and the finish line will be so worth your effort, so enjoy the journey.


(which means: the Spirit within me honors and respects the Spirit within you)


I want to inspire people.

I want someone to look

at me and say

“Because of you, I did not give up.”




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