Chocolate Miracle Rice Keto Snack

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Chocolate Miracle Rice Keto Snack

Have you ever heard of  Miracle Rice?

This is without a doubt my new favorite snack, thanks to my friend Robert Sikes.

I was super skeptical as I am an ingredient Nazi. However, it is simply made from the Konjac Yam. They are very low in calories and carbs and are a perfect match for a ketogenic diet.


Since they smell a little fishy, naturally, you must run them under cold water for a couple minutes. Next you want to place them in a bowl and pour boiling water over the top. Let sit for 2 minutes.

And it will be a very long 2 minutes, once you have actually tasted this fabulous treat. Using the same strainer, drain the water out of the bowl and put “rice” back into the bowl. Gather your favorite toppings and get ready for the fabulous treat.

These are my favorite toppings:

Chocolate protein powder and peanut butter.

While you can use any protein powder and any nut butter, my favorite is this one from Equip.  If you use the code TRACEE15, you will receive 15% off, and I will get a bit of coffee money.

When purchasing peanut butter, make sure it is organic and has NO SUGAR ADDED. Trust me on this as I recently bought a delicious sounding peanut butter/coconut oil combo product, only to find it has added sugar. ugh!

Miracle Rice also has miracle noodles. I cannot wait to try my homemade fresh pesto sauce on these babies this summer. Or a butter garlic sauce, clam sauce, or even Rao’s low carb pasta sauce.

Many people on the ketogenic diet miss pasta and rice. Quite frankly, I don’t get this. Pasta only tastes as good as the sauce that is on it. But now, we can all have a healthy low carb option.

What concoctions can you come up with? We should all submit delicious ideas and share with each other.




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