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June 30, 2015
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Burn Fat While Sleeping

HighEnergyGirl - Burn Fat While Sleeping

Seem too good to be true…but thankfully, you can burn fat while sleeping. When you enjoy 7-9 hours of  good quality sleep this aids in fat loss in several ways. Not only do both of these factors help regulate cortisol (the stress hormone that stores fat), but the melatonin produced during sufficient has been linked to increased fat loss. Proper rest also helps your body repair, so your muscles will grow and you will have more energy the following day.

It’s easier to gauge sleep quantity, but sleep quality is difficult to assess. So we will look at both and start by answering the following questions.

  • Do you stay up late watching TV or try to get one more task on your to do list complete before you turn in?
  • Does your alarm scream at you in the morning to wake up? Or do you wake up naturally, rested and ready to take on your day?
  • How much sleep are you getting and how is this affecting your mood for the day?

Ideally, you want to be able to fall asleep quickly and sleep all night until your body wakes up naturally. All in all about 7-9 hours is ideal for most.

If you are not getting the ideal amount of sleep, you need to figure out why.

Are you staying up too late to try and get more done? Or are you too wired to sleep? (that would be my hubby’s problem) Do you have too much on your mind and can’t get your brain to shut up?

Sleep is critical for health. And lack of it is linked to increased risk of stroke, cancer, obesity, diabetes, brain deterioration, and bone loss.25

Melatonin is an important hormone and part of the sleep process. When the sun sets and it becomes dark, the brain starts producing melatonin, which stimulates human growth hormone. But if light hits the eye, melatonin and HGH production shut down and the usual cellular repair that occurs while we sleep becomes disrupted.

So what to do?

Make your room dark! Your alarm clock should have a red light, as this is the least stimulating color. Get as many electronics out of the room as possible, at least 6’ away from your head! Charge your phone down the hall…far, far away from the bedroom. Unplug anything you do not need while you sleep. The electromagnetic frequencies these produce disrupt the delicate electrical system of the body.

Before falling asleep, do something peaceful and relaxing such as reading a book, deep breathing, light stretching, meditating, or praying. Shut your mind off. Write in your journal before bed to mind dump and get all those thoughts onto paper so you don’t need to be bothered with them while sleeping.

Two of my other favorites are earplugs and my MagneZZZium sleep balm. My hubby is off of his sleeping pills thanks to this fantastic stuff. I have always been a light sleeper, so when I started spreading the balm on my neck or feet at night, i now enjoy deeper sleep, hardly moving at all.

Allow yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep and see how much more productive you will be the next day!

We all live in Busyland and many people are sleep deprived. We are walking around like a bunch of Zombies and this is sincerely hurting our bodies and hindering our performance during the day.

What if you pampered yourself and climbed into bed a little earlier? What if you finally got your 7-9 hours of rest and woke up in the morning with a spring in your step?

Well guess what? You can. By allowing yourself more sleep, you will be more productive and most likely happier during the day. Imagine that!

Sometimes people have a hard time turning off their mind and actually falling asleep (I hear this is a sign of a High IQ). So the fact that I fall asleep easily isn’t a good sign I imagine!

Here are some ideas on how to counter that battle.

  • No electronics before bed – they over stimulate the brain
  • Sleep in a VERY dark room
  • Keep the temperature cool
  • Play white noise
  • Keep a notepad by the bed in case a thought pops up (so you can put it to rest) pun intended
  • Apply MagneZZZium Sleep Balm to your neck and/or feet.

Start a quiet bedtime practice, make your bedroom your resting place, and journal how it feels? What keeps you up at night?



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